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How to Become a Penpal for a Child in Need. 

The African Children’s Voice Choir is run by president who leaved with his late grandmother who shared almost everything with four children of her friend’s family with perished of HIV/AIDS those children’s background had no traceable relatives since they where one of the people who Run from Rwanda genial suicide, this poor woman managed to look after all of us and we completed school. After her death we decided to honor her effort by establishing the organization to extend help to needy children in Uganda

We dedicated to help the victims of child-labour, street children, the neglected and abandoned, the orphans and the poor. Life in Uganda, Africa is tough going. Most children cannot get an education becausethey have to work with their parents. Children are considered as economic value, and sending them to school would mean economic loss due very low poverty line.Consequently, they remain illiterate and the poverty cycle continues.

Dairy and sheep rearing and carpentry we are humbly seeking any assistance you are able to give to wards the proposed project and towards the daily care of these children. They have offered an idea that would help immensely sponsoring any one of the current 75 needy children from 1550 children. 

Initiative if you sponsor a child or become a penpal you will receive a picture and information of this child.Then a child will be able to attend school and will obtain a school uniform and books and something to eat at school, a child will receive health care and extra food and will become skilled for the future.

A sponsor may choose to support a project. When a sponsor is in this category, their support will only be used for that particular project. Sponsor may choose to support one of the following projects:

  • Feeding Project
  • Medical Clinic
  • Agriculture Project
  • Clothing Project
  • School Library
  • Choir




African children’s Voice Choir exists to demonstrate the heart of compassion and the love of God in a practical way to the disadvantaged children & youth. We do this by providing physical needs, medical, education and Vocational skill to the vulnerable children & youth.


African Children's Voice Choir


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