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"Demonstrating the Love of God in A Practical Way" 

African Children’s Voice Choir focus is to raise voices of the most vulnerable children in Uganda, help the poor and marginalized, especially children and youth in the rural and urban context, and works irrespective of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and religion. Choir’s work ranges from working with orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS, working with slum youth in Jinja, Wakiso and Kampala districts.


Child Care and Support

The Choir advocates and promotes education for the vulnerable children /youth such as orphans, street children and children in war zones. This also includes the promotion of human rights awareness programs as pertains to children and youth.

 Vocational Skills Training

This programme targets the youth who are living in extremely deprived conditions, whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS, living on streets and are at a risk of contracting HIV/AIDS We equip the disadvantaged young people with skills, which enable them to acquire and retain reliable employment. The Vocational Skills Training Project provides two sections; Tailoring Section and IT Training Section.

Health Services provision

This includes prevention and control of STDs such as HIV/AIDs, counseling, Family planning, Rural domestic Hygiene, Health Education and sensitization of reproductive Health, Water sources Protection and Ventilated improved Pit (VIP) latrine Construction

Orphanage Support Project (OSP)

Here we generally focus on Vulnerable and Orphans Children whose Parents have died of HIV/AIDS. Currently, the choir hopes to reache more than 170 needy orphans in the rural districts of Uganda. Each year, desperate children have continued to receive facilitation. However, due to the wide spread of HIV/AIDS, many orphans have been left without traceable relatives. Therefore, the choir has created a Foster Family Initiative (FFI), run by the local communities to provide a loving, nurturing home for these desperate orphans. We provide these families with the facilitation support like school fees, clothing’s, scholastic materials to support the orphans.

  1.  2 Our Saturday educational programme "IAM A PERSON WHO MATTERS " (IPWM), has encouraged many orphaned children to grow into good citizens of the country.
  2. we encourage you to join our children sponsorship team today. You can support us with clothing’s, food ,scholastic materials like books, pens and even with funds to support these children.

To sponsor a child

All sponsors receive full details of the sponsored child, including name, postal address, family status, name and address of school and present class. Sponsors can of course contact the child as and when they wish to.

You will receive annual school reports to see how your child is getting on at school and will be updated on any changes in their circumstances. (In case where sponsorship should be terminated e.g. has left school, we will immediately contact you and offer you the choice of continuing sponsorship or switching to another orphan).




African children’s Voice Choir exists to demonstrate the heart of compassion and the love of God in a practical way to the disadvantaged children & youth. We do this by providing physical needs, medical, education and Vocational skill to the vulnerable children & youth.


African Children's Voice Choir


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